Leave without pay (LWOP)

As a general rule there is no point recording leave without pay (LWOP), unless it extends 2 weeks or more.

Just as casual staff typically don't have their time not at work recorded, so too it's generally unnecessary to record when a permanent staff member is not present - they just don't get any pay for the period not worked.

However, if you wish to record LWOP on a casual basis (if you really need to track casual absences), or the employee will be on an extended period of absence and you want to auto-adjust their leave accrual date by the number of weeks they're absent, then proceed as follows:

  • if the period of absence is less than 2 weeks, use Special Leave, sub-type LWOP (set it up in Payroll Codes..Special Leave Codes if it doesn't exist, make sure you tick the LWOP option!) and record the hours absent (really, we don't see the point - it's just make-work)
  • if the period of absence is 2 or more weeks then DON'T make any pay entries at all - just Edit Employee..More..LWOP/Parental and set the employee as starting extended LWOP from the date absence started. When the employee receives their next pay they will automatically be taken off extended LWOP and their annual leave anniversary date will be adjusted by the whole weeks absent (-1 week, because that's all the adjustment is permitted to be, and also why it's pointless using this option if the period of absence is less than 2 weeks)

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