TeamViewer Quick Support tool

Click here to run our branded TeamViewer Quick Support tool

SmoothPay comes with our branded TeamViewer quick support tool pre-installed (TeamViewerQS.exe) and you can run it directly from the SmoothPay install folder or by clicking the red RA tool in the SmoothPay toolbar.

  • If your browser prompts you to Save or Run, choose Run (if you only get the option to Save, then do so, then run the saved file)
  • If your security software prompts you to Allow or Run then respond appropriately (if you prevent the tool from running we will not be able to provide assistance)

Once the SmoothPay-branded TeamViewer support tool starts it will display a 9-digit ID number - please give the number to the SmoothPay HelpDesk operator

SmoothPay branded TeamViewer support tool

Notes about potential issues:

  • if the TeamViewer tool does not start then your local machine policy/AV/security system may be preventing it from running (you will need IT support to resolve this issue).
  • if the TeamViewer support tool does not show the SmoothPay branding then you have a copy of TeamViewer already installed and running on your computer. If you get a password displayed then the HelpDesk *may* be able to use the TeamViewer tool for support, otherwise you should exit the running TeamViewer and try again (you may require IT suppoort to help you resolve this issue)


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