Agency Payments (WINZ, IRD Tax Arrears, Court fines, debt recovery, rent)

Employee debt is easy to cater for in SmoothPay, and you can have a recurring amount (rent, union fees, social club) or an amount paid off over time which will stop automatically when it reaches zero.

  • Add each Agency, such as any government agencies (IRD, WINZ, Courts etc) and any personal charges (such as union fees etc) to Payroll Codes..Agencies. Enter all applicable details (these are "group entries" representing each agency - do not enter personal employee references etc yet).
  • Create deduction codes (Payroll Codes..Deductions) that link to the appropriate agency.
  • Add the required deduction to the employee's Pay Input..Deductions screen (or select the employee and press F7) and complete the Agency details of the debt owed, the amount to be paid per period and make sure to set the Government agency option if applicable (this invokes certain rules to protect the employee's net pay from undue deduction).
  • Save the employee's standard pay with the deduction included so that it appears automatically every pay period until paid off.

If the Agency has a bank account entered then your direct credit file will contain any deductions for that agency (individual deductions with individual employee references will appear if you have indicated this in the Agency setup).

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