Moving SmoothPay to another computer

We have a dedicated guide for this topic available under SmoothPay's help menu and in our learning centre, as it's asked almost every day.

New workstation (multi-user site)

  1. Install the free SmoothPay Multi-User/Network Client on your new computer
  2. Start the Smoothpay Client and when prompted navigate to where the winpay.exe program file is located on your network

Moving to a new server (multi-user site)

  1. Copy the SmoothPay folder from the old server to the same location on the new server
  2. Delete the old folder (if the server is still attached to the network)
  3. Update client shares to the new server resources
  4. Check each client can access SmoothPay on the correct server

Single-user (the easy way)

  1. Copy the SmoothPay folder from the old computer to the same location on the new computer
  2. Run the SmoothPay installer from the website into the same folder

 or, Standard install (single user)

  1. On your old computer start SmoothPay and Backup to a USB stick
  2. Install SmoothPay on your new computer
  3. Start SmoothPay and select "Your Company"
  4. Plug in your USB stick and note the drive letter assigned by Windows
  5. Select Restore, then use the Restore from external archive option, then Run. Navigate to the archive ( stored on the USB stick. the archive will be checked and if OK you can perform the actual Restore of your data by responding Yes when prompted.
  6. Repeat for any additional companies

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