Student Loans

Student Loan (SL) repayments come in a bewildering variety of forms, all catered for by SmoothPay:

  • SL tax codes (note that SL may not be calculated if the employee doesn't earn enough)
  • SL tax code with NO SL to be deducted - there's an option in the employee's tax settings to not deduct SL
  • STC tax code with special rates of tax (incl ACC levy if any) and/or SL (if any) - also in the employee's Tax Settings
  • SLCIR ordering the employer to deduct additional SL until the amount in arrears is paid (or until a new order is issued) - you can find this in [Pay Input..Tax/Salary/Child Support..SLCIR]
  • SLBOR where the employee wishes to make voluntary additional SL payments until stopped or an amount is paid off - you can find this in [Pay Input..Tax/Salary/Child Support..SLBOR]

Do not add student loan repayments as you would a deduction - these payments have special significance for IRD schedule reporting and must be set up as provided for in SmoothPay.

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