IRD filing (ir-filing)

We have a complete guide that shows you a flow-chart of the process as well as a full explanation (click here)

The basic steps are (the easy way):

  • run an IRD schedule (IR345 or IR348) for the appropriate month (SmoothPay copies the filename into the Windows clipboard, so you can simply use the Paste command CTRL+V to fill in the filename without having to go searching for it)
  • use irFiling..File Transfer..ChooseFile (or Browse)
  • Paste in the irFile name (use CTRL+V) or select the required file from your computer, then click Open
  • Click Import and Send

Repeat as required for as many files needed to be filed (there are usually only two files to be submitted: the IR345/EDF file and the IR348/EMS file, but sometimes there may be an additional Kiwisaver KS1 file as well)

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