Bank accounts

SmoothPay provides for all standard banking system formats used in New Zealand (set your bank type, account number and output file name details in Company Setup..Bank).

Employees may have an unlimited number of personal bank accounts, and they may be set up to automatically use a percentage of net pay, a fixed amount per pay period, GST content (handy for contractors), or have remaining net pay go to a specified account.

When adding an new employee, enter their main bank account number (if you have it handy).

To add more bank accounts, go into Pay Input..Net Pay (or just highlight the employee and press F8). Add as many personal bank accounts as required.

To deactivate a bank account simply delete it from the F8 screen (you can reactivate an old account by adding a new code and selecting from the accounts available).

Employee bank account codes and methods of calculation can be edited in Payroll Codes..Bank Accounts.

At the end of each pay run, SmoothPay will generate a direct credit file for your bank (the file is created using the name specified in Company Setup..Bank) - just import it, make sure it's the correct data and payment date, then authorise it for payment.

NOTE: payments/deductions to other parties (union, IRD, debt, rent, WINZ etc) should be added to SmoothPay's Agency Payments system - documentation about various Agencies and how they are set up and used is available below.

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