HAPI staff moving between branches

We often receive calls about staff moving between branches in the Harcourts Trust system, and ending up with additional employee records for the same person in SmoothPay.

This occurs because the Trust system treats each staff member as a new person in each branch - thus a new person in HAPI and therefore a new person in SmoothPay.

There are a couple of ways you can deal with this situation (depending on permanence of the move)

  1. If the move is permanent (and the employee has no more deals waiting to be settled in their old branch): when your import from HAPI in SmoothPay reports that there are new employees, simply print the new employee report, cancel the process at that point (do NOT proceed with the import) and edit the employee's badge number to reflect the new badge number allocated by HAPI - then run the HAPI Import and the pay entries will be allocated to the existing employee (because the badge number matches).
  2. If the employee still has deals in 2 or more branches to be paid out: allow SmoothPay to create any new employees until the "old" employee has been completely paid out from any remaining deals - you can then merge the employee records into a single employee using Wizards..ToolBox..Merge employee (merge the employee's earliest record number with the employee's latest record number - this needs to be done correctly to avoid a mess, so check carefully)
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