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SmoothPay is constantly maintained to ensure it meets the highest levels of compliance, new tax rules, new functionality and any corrections that might be needed, so it is very important that your copy of SmoothPay is kept up to date (we issue at least 4 updates per year, freely available to all subscribers).

New versions (latest update) should be detected and downloaded automatically by SmoothPay, however sometimes Windows security applications prevent this.

Updates can be installed directly from the downloads page on the website.

TIP: If your internet connection isn't working well then you can download the update file from any internet-connected computer to a USB stick then run it back at your computer.

WARNING: Please ensure that your updates are applied to the correct program folder (you can easily check in the About screen in SmoothPay before you run the update)



We have the following advice for any problems installing an update:

  • SmoothPay must be closed by all users before an update can be applied
  • The latest update (which is also the standard Smoothpay installer) is always available as a free download from the SmoothPay website (in case you need to re-install to a new computer, or re-install an update correctly). If you have problems with SmoothPay's internal update check and automatic download then simply obtain the latest update direct from our website.
  • Have you installed the update to the correct folder? Normally, updates detect where SmoothPay has been installed in relation to your workstation, however if your Windows registry has been "cleaned" or your workstation hasn't applied an update previously (or this is the first time you have installed from an MSI package rather than the old EXE package) then the default location [C:\SmoothPay\Payroll] will be used as the default install folder - IF THIS IS NOT CORRECT then browse for the correct folder
  • If you have installed to the wrong folder then you must run the installer again and select [REMOVE], then run the installer again and select the correct folder for the installation to work correctly
  • Installation of an update/install will always create a desktop icon pointing directly to the target program - you *may* be using the Multi-user/Network Client (a separate program) in which case it too will have it's own desktop icon (and you should continue to use that to access SmoothPay - the other icon can be ignored or deleted).
  • Network installations can cause issues when DLL's are registered (Windows does not permit DLL's to be registered from a network drive...usually). If you receive a message that gives you [Cancel, Retry, Ignore] when attempting to register a DLL then choose [IGNORE]. If you choose [CANCEL] then your installation of SmoothPay's program and supporting files will be removed! Your data is still quite safe but you will not be able to run SmoothPay until you reinstall the update.
  • If you receive an error that prevents the update from being applied ([Cancel, Retry] options only) then it could be that the user attempting to apply the update does not have sufficient Windows security privileges to overwrite or create files in the destination folder, or the files are currently in use by another user. If this occurs you must get your IT support person to assist with resolving the issue (the HelpDesk cannot provide technical assistance to user's networks, security permissions etc).
  • If you have attempted all the above and have no immediate IT support available, but still have an installation issue, then the HelpDesk can assist you by transferring your SmoothPay folder to the default location on your C: drive (it essentially becomes single-user at that point) and then install the update to that location.

SmoothPay's updates are packaged in a Windows installer package (MSI) that Microsoft designed to ease installation. This format is supposed to make things easier - we're not so certain that they do...but it is the standard.

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