Migrating from SmoothPay Blue to SmoothPay Gold payroll

Moving to SmoothPay Gold is a simple task you can complete yourself, or you can request the assistance of the HelpDesk - just call (06) 353 6462.

There is no cost for this migration.

SmoothPay Gold is a significant update to a modern, fully featured and compliant payroll and the database is the same as that used by our web-edition (so you can choose to use it in the cloud, or on your desktop). You can also run payroll for a number of Pacific countries using the same software - visit www.smoothpaygold.com for more information.

There are a number of caveats:

  • You must be using compliant leave accrual methods - we are justifiably proud of our compliance and produce one of the only Holidays Act and Parental Leave Act compliant payroll systems available in New Zealand. If you are using non-compliant leave methods then the HelpDesk can assist you to become compliant before migrating.
  • Gold provides payroll giving (against our better judgement - the rules around the tax rebate are unfair, and the opportunity for fraud is ripe for the taking)
  • Gold does not (currently) provide for non-IRD Kiwisaver compliant funds
  • Gold is designed to be used with irFiling only - IR348 forms are no longer produced
  • Gold does not have any custom code that may have been developed for you in the old (Blue) edition
  • Gold provides accounting systems integration for MoneyWorks, Xero, MYOB, Navision, CashManager and a Generic format that may be suitable for other systems. If your accounting system is not listed then please let the HelpDesk know before committing to migration.


  1. In SmoothPay Blue: choose File..Export..SmoothPay Gold. A file called export.xml will be created in your company data folder (you may need to copy it to a USB stick or network drive if transferring to SmoothPay Gold on a different computer)
  2. In SmoothPay Gold: choose File..Import..Other Payroll..SmoothPay Blue. Select the export.xml file created in Step 1.

Your data will be transferred in, ready to use. This process may take some time if you're using a Windows PC and have a large database. It might also be necessary to tidy up unused codes and correct various settings.

The HelpDesk is happy to assist - just call (06) 353 6462


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